We’re obsessed with green.
It has been our nature for a long time.

For us, sustainability is not just a passing trend but a passionate and long-term commitment. For years we have been investing in technologies and solutions that significantly reduce the environmental impact of our activities. We were one of the first to install a photovoltaic system to produce clean energy, to choose FSC certified paper, to abolish the use of chemicals for the development of plates, to use non-polluting means for deliveries.

We print green (but also in every other colour!)

Meeting the needs of today without compromising the future of those who come tomorrow: this is the concept behind sustainable development. For us at Lazzati it is a premise, a programme and a concrete commitment. We are well aware that each individual act has an impact on the environment and that production companies, larger in size and consumption, play a greater role. We have made an important commitment to the environment. By entrusting us with your printing and packaging projects, you can do your part to build a cleaner future for your children, a future in which the quality and volume of your business can also grow in a sustainable manner.

The environment benefits from it,
you benefit from it, too.


of energy autonomy
with production from
photovoltaic systems


tonnes of CO2
not released into
the atmosphere


used in the development
of the plates


commercial vehicles
fuelled by natural gas

The FSC® certification is a credible and transparent tool
to guarantee responsible use of forests and plantations.

We want you.