A leader
in the field of printing and packaging

We have drawn a lighthouse, but you can also imagine us as a big house. The solid and safe foundations are
our 200 year old history and the the experience of three generations of the Salmini family, which took over from the Lazzati founders.
The roof, made of glass in order to look out towards the horizon, is our team: young people full of enthusiasm
a touch of audacity that have made us one of the most dynamic and innovative printing companies in Italy.

Born to innovate

For a graphics company like ours, walking through the two centuries that have seen the greatest technological development of all time has been an extraordinary adventure of continuous training, and the drive to constantly get back into the game to improve. That is why, every year we invest in the most modern and sophisticated technologies.

Strength of the team

Forty specialists capable of assisting the customer through all phases of the project, from creation to implementation, in a path where listening is fundamental. Everyone plays an important role in our team and enriches everyone’s knowledge with their expertise and skills. The customer’s objectives are also ours and nobody gives up until the best solution is found.

Very human values

We are proud of our ethical values which have been passed on to us by our family, and we are even more proud of seeing them applied with conviction by our entire team. Ethics, transparency and respect for people and the environment are not empty words, but a commitment renewed day after day.

People, not numbers

Each customer is a world with unique rules, preferences and needs and is also an opportunity to do better and better. There are no “big” or “small” customers, but project partners with whom we collaborate to achieve a common goal. They have taught us to be versatile, efficient, experimental, finicky and quality conscious.

We want you.